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Key Programs and Services

Key Programs, Development Initiatives and Signature 事件


需要认证 -要求您的不同供应商通过正规现金赌场网页认证,作为您项目的完整性标志,并向MBE提供指导和支持,使其成为并保持增值供应商的地位.


最佳实践分享 – Program sharing sessions and corporate focused trainings to share, learn and develop effective minority business development approaches across industries.

最佳实践的工具箱 -丰富的信息和最佳实践的例子,成功的供应商多元化计划,以帮助建立和实现最高水平的卓越供应商多元化计划.

建筑的老板 -旨在培养16-26岁的下一代企业家,提供基本的商业课程,以更好地理解如何管理和发展一个成功的企业.

Business Consortium Fund – Provides contract financing to NMSDC certified MBEs across America through a network of local participating banks and NMSDC affiliates.

Capacity Building Pipeline -由正规现金赌场网页创建的增长模型,旨在通过提供股本注入增长资本,消除限制MBE增长的约束和挑战, training and management augmentation from private equity and other financial investors.

闲谈,聊天 & 咀嚼 - 正规现金赌场网页主席每两个月与企业成员举行一次午餐会,坦诚地探讨有关市场趋势和成功策略的信息和见解,以发展少数族裔拥有的企业.

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Summits -旨在让高级采购领导就供应商多样性、有效性和包容性解决方案进行直接和高能量的讨论. The CPO Summit brings top CPOs together to share insight and strategies in supplier diversity and establishes a professional CPO network.Send your Chief Procurement Officer to CPO Summits to discuss common issues, solutions and inclusion in the strategic sourcing process.

Corporate Member On-Boarding – A personal orientation conducted with each new Corporate Member and their supplier diversity professionals to assess their needs, design anactivation plan, and designate a “buyer buddy” to assist with engagement with supplier diversity peers.

Corporate Program Support – Get support from the professional 正规现金赌场网页 staff for an analysis of your supplier diversity program with recommendations for improvement.

高管培训 – This program is designed for minority businesses of all sizes. Our executive coaches will take an objective look at your business and help address strategic business needs and leadership challenges.

水平的卓越 -一个让企业成员根据大公司和政府机构制定的标准评估其供应商多元化计划的工具,作为在供应商多元化计划中取得世界级地位的指南.

途径追求卓越 – A tool that performs a self-assessment of an MBE company against criteria that major corporations use to select suppliers. The assessment covers five general categories: Business Strategy, 质量保证, 业务能力, 风险管理, and Business Continuity.

供应商的多样性 Program Managers Training -国家和地方企业成员可以参加为供应商多样性专业人员设计的全国少数群体供应商发展委员会(NMSDC)供应商多样性最佳实践培训.

供应商的偶像 – MBE presentations with a panel of corporate members who provide candid advice, mentoring and feedback to MBEs on their 销售 presentation, 营销材料, email and phone etiquette. These sessions are designed to assist MBEs in perfecting their pitch to key decision-makers.

Total Business Development -旨在利用正规现金赌场网页内其他MBE专业服务公司的经验和技能,促进业务增长和在MBE认证供应商之间建立联系的机会.

培训学院 – Provides an intentional learning track for all levels of MBEs on relevant business topics, issues and processes including cost modeling, 销售, procurement processes and forming strategic alliances.


Business Opportunity Conferences -会议旨在将企业成员及其主要供应商聚集在一起,与合格的mbe会面,讨论一级和二级业务机会,随后针对特定产品和服务举行一对一会议.

CRM数据库 – Maintain your corporate member information and search for certified and qualified MBEs in 正规现金赌场网页’s searchable online database.

Emerging 10 (E-10) Awards -由《正规现金赌场网页》合办的正规现金赌场网页商业交流活动,展示10位因克服障碍而获颁发E-10大奖的高级管理人员的故事, 成功实现了, and the role they play in the community.

EXPO Business Opportunity Marketplace – This event brings together over 750 business leaders from major corporations, 政府机构, resource organizations, and MBEs to gain information, insight and relationships that drive long term business success for both MBEs and their customers.

正规现金赌场网页搅拌机 -旨在建立mbe之间的网络,以增加mbe之间的业务量,并促进与公司决策者建立关系.

假期社会 -参加12月的节日聚会,与100多名mbe和公司会员交流,同时回顾这一年少数族裔业务的发展.

How to Do Business Sessions -有针对性的信息会议,旨在提供对采购机会的洞察,并增加对如何与介绍公司开展业务的理解, government agency or educational institution.

行业论坛 论坛旨在分享对您的特定行业需求和业务机会的见解,并分享经过验证的策略,以提高mbe的行业利用率.

MBE媒人 ——行业, 产品和/或服务设计的会议,以连接mbe和企业成员彼此通过网络和特定的贸易配对.

一对一的会议 -通过15分钟的一对一会议,正规现金赌场网页可以在您的组织指定的商品和服务领域为企业买家和关键决策者寻找和匹配合格的mbe.

Scholarship Fundraiser -每年5月举行,在为MBE商业高管奖学金计划筹集资金的同时,在高尔夫球场上建立可行的商业网络.

社交媒体 – 正规现金赌场网页 social media platforms are the “go-to” resource portals for MBEs and corporate members to find information on certification, 事件, 注册和更多. 浏览本署网页(www.5s826.rrby.net), or on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

说棒 – 说棒 provides you the opportunity to meet potential clients, network and build business relationships within optimal amount of time to market your business.

每周提醒 & 采购通知 – Each 正规现金赌场网页 MBE and corporate member receives a 每周提醒 each Monday to inform them of upcoming 事件 in 正规现金赌场网页 and the business community, and a Procurement Update each Friday announcing current business opportunities.


公司的接待 -有机会成为一个倡导者,并协助招聘新的公司成员和主要供应商,重点是中型市场公司.

Creating a Positive Brand for MBEs ——正规现金赌场网页标识, publishes and awards MBE successes locally and nationally to showcase and model an image of successful MBEs.

经济影响研究 -利用供应商多元化的驱动因素,识别和衡量供应商多元化努力的真实影响和投资回报,同时公开内部和外部的机会回报.

Elected Official Education – Join the 正规现金赌场网页 delegation build and maintain relations with key city, 县, state and federal legislators and advise them on issues pertinent to 正规现金赌场网页 and minority business development.

正规现金赌场网页在乎 – Periodic community service projects to create good will and leverage the 正规现金赌场网页 brand.

公共政策的一天 - 正规现金赌场网页定期与地方和州的立法者以及MBE公共政策日的共同发起人举行会议,向立法者通报对MBE和供应商多样性具有重要意义的问题. These sessions assist MBEs in understanding the legislative process and how it impacts their businesses.

Supplier Bridge Meetings -公司成员和mbe联合召开会议,分享观点,评估战略和优先事项,以提高供应商多样性的有效性.

Your Voice in Austin and City Hall - 正规现金赌场网页定期与地方和州的立法者以及MBE公共政策日的共同发起人举行会议,向立法者通报对MBE和供应商多样性具有重要意义的问题. These sessions assist MBEs in understanding the legislative process and how it impacts their businesses.